Invisible Hieroglyphics Fruit Ninja - Framed Art Print

Framed Photo Print

Andre Woolery

$99.99 USD 

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This framed fine art print is featuring "Invisible Hieroglyphics Fruit Ninja" by Andre Woolery. 

The finger smudges on your iPad never looked this beautiful. Choose between 3 colors options: Black+White, MonoChrome, and Polychrome. Invisible Hieroglyphics is a project that aims at uncovering the byproduct of the human interaction with technology through the lens of art. Our hands have become the communication conduit through mobile devices with a series of taps, swipes, and pushes. Left behind are the oil stained remains of finger smudges on a screen after using a popular app. The artist extracted these marks and transformed them into colorful, abstract artwork.


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Art prints are an artwork printed onto fine art or photo paper and framed to display.  It resembles a traditional framed photo with matting.

Our photo prints are for artwork are on fine art paper with a soft textured surface similar to traditional watercolor and etching paper.  Meanwhile our photo prints for photography is on photo paper.

310 GSM print
3-inch white border on framed prints adds an additional 3 inches on each side to advertised image print size (i.e. a 12×12 image size would yield a final print size of 18×18)
100% real wood frame with a matte black enamel finish
Shatter proof plexi glass
Frame is hand made when ordered
Each framed paper print is sealed in a plastic bag secured to a single cardboard insert

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